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High-quality images are a key factor for communicating science elegantly and efficiently. The challenge is to develop attractive design solutions with the highest possible scientific accuracy. My name is Dr. Johannes Richers. I am a scientist and a designer.


Science & Art

«The commonality between science and art is in trying to see profoundly – to develop strategies of seeing and showing.»  —Edward R. TUFTE


There are four ways how I can help you to develop professional images for communicating your research:



Create impact and visibilty with a cover image that visually represents your research



Explain your theories, models or connections with tailor-made pictures or 3D-renderings.



Support your story with professional figures, diagrams or graphical abstracts



Get feedback on your design and find out how it can be improved

Visualizations | Cover Images

Animation | Motion design


Illustrations | Graphical Abstracts



Dr. Johannes Richers is a chemical scientist and a designer. He received his chemistry education from the Technical University of Munich, Germany (B.Sc./M.Sc.), studied abroad at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia and worked as a visting researcher with the Schlumberger Research Centre Cambridge, United Kingdom. In 2012, he joined the group of Konrad Tiefenbacher at the chair of organic chemistry at TUM for his doctoral studies in the field of organic synthesis.

In 2017, Johannes moved to Berlin to study science communication at the Technical University of Berlin and to start his independent career in the intersection of science, art and design.




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Illustrations and graphical abstracts:

First and co-author publications:

Public press and media:

  • Wissenschaftskommunikation 2018, Interview: "Im Profil: Thomas Splettstößer und Johannes Richers", Arbeitswelt – Jobprofile → Link
  • The American Chemical Society (ACS), Reddit AMA Series in /r/science, 2017. "Science Visualization AMA". doi: 10.15200/winn.149675.53497



Dr. Johannes Richers